Office Fit Out

An office's interior design speaks volumes as the subtle narrator of a company's spirit, with each element gently expressing the values, ambitions, and dreams propelling its accomplishments.

Focusing on thorough office fitouts, Fabiia adeptly reshapes office spaces into tailor-made and exceptionally functional zones that ignite productivity and imaginative thought.

What we deliver

empty office with hardwood floors - cat a office fit out.
Fabiia's CAT A Fitout deals with the essential framework of a commercial space, incorporating components like flooring, ceilings, lighting, and more. This allows for personalized design and customization, culminating in a functional and visually striking atmosphere.

sleek office design showcasing a spacious open space with stylish furniture - cat b office fit out.
Fabiia's CAT B Fitout takes an ordinary commercial area and converts it into a precisely planned and personalized setting. By including tenant-specific demands, divisions, furniture, and enhancements, it brings forth an exclusive and effective workspace.

office space with premium desks and chair - office fit out contractors.
Beyond just delivering a final space, Fabiia's design and build service takes on a pivotal role as your dedicated point of contact throughout the entire process. From conceptualizing the design to executing projects with meticulousness and ensuring a hassle-free space handover, our streamlined process promises an uninterrupted and fulfilling journey.
premium furniture adorns a modern. office space - office refurbishment.
Fabiia's refurbishment craftsmanship injects newfound energy into pre-existing spaces, expertly renewing and enriching the aesthetics and functionality, ultimately crafting an environment imbued with a sense of renewed freshness and invigoration.
a well-furnished office featuring desks and chairs - office re-engineering.
Fabiia's office re-engineering methodology entails the strategic reconstruction and optimization of your workspace layout. This alignment with evolving needs and trends cultivates improved efficiency, collaboration, and an overall enriched work experience.

Some of our recent projects